Our Philosophy
Welcome to McKenzie Speech Center!  We provide speech & language services for all ages.  Our underlying philosophy is "do what it takes to help each client achieve his or her speech & language goals."   This translates into flexibility and offering a variety of options. Flexibility, expertise, and comprehensive programming are the keys to faster progress.  For children, this means extensive parent training and family involvement.  For teens and adults it may mean identifying and eliminating roadblocks to progress.
Our flexible methodologies are customized for each individual and in addition to individual therapy may include family training and specialized groups for "carryover" of new speech patterns for young chiuldren.  For preteens, teens, and adults, therapy may include intensive "camps", special techniques, strategies for increasing self-confidence, use of computerized bio-feedback or even devices such as the SpeechEasy. 
  Please explore this Web site to learn more about our services. Call us for more information or to schedule a consultation. 
We look forward to hearing from you.  
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